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One-Time Gratitude Box! πŸŽ‰


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Product Description

3 Minutes Kid's Gratitude Journal - This journal is a guide to help teach not only gratitude but mindfulness. Whether it is big things as well as the simple joys. Thankful Tree - What a fun way to identify the people in our lives that bring joy to our hearts. Use the leaves to write the names and then glue or tape the leaf to the tree. Maybe write one name a day or fill the tree as quickly as you want. Display it so those loved ones will see they are appreciated! Wooden Magnet - We would have liked to teach wood burning, but it just is not appropriate for all ages. So a brown sharpie works great! Let your child decorate the wood with a word or saying that reflects gratitude and then help them put the magnet on the back. This will make a great magnet for your fridge with artwork to remember! Bingo - Great way to have fun and talk about why we are thankful for everyday people and things in our lives. Ask the questions to go with the pictures. β€œAre you thankful for ice cream?” You will love the answers as you probe a little deeper in their answers. Grandma to Grandma - These aromatherapy candles are highly scented! Great for relaxation! We hope you enjoy!

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