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Fun With Water Gift Box


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Product Description

Floatable Sail Boat - Everything you need to build a floatable sail boat! Let your imagination go full blast as you make your sail and set your boat on a cork foundation. Then put it in water to watch it float. Water balloons - nothing better! These balloons are the perfect size for kids. Very simple to fill up. Connect to the water hose and turn the water on slowly. It is best to fill them while holding them over a bucket. Water Blaster - the kids LOVE this thing! We tried these games and they were a hit! (literally!) *Stack plastic cups into a pyramid shape. Use the water blaster’s water stream to knock them down. Plastic Fish Bowl Set - This is a fun project! Fill the bowl with water and place the fun colored, growing creature in the water. We included water beads BUT be careful not to put more than 4 or 5 at a time. Plastic bottle connector - Use a 2 liter, plastic bottle to make a homemade sprinkler. Poke holes in the bottle, screw on the connector and hook up to the hose. Hang the bottle/hose over a branch, a shepherd’s hook or the swing set. Turn on the water and be ready to have some fun! National Geographic Kids “Water” - written by Melissa Stewart. Great introduction to the science of water! Vivid photography and lots of great facts! Grandma to Grandma - Austra’s Mist Your Mood Spray Mist your room, linens, car or gym! For a great aroma of peppermint and rosemary essential oils!

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