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Red, White and Blue Gift Box


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Product Description

Red, white and blue windsock. Everything you need to make a bright, colorful windsock. A great way to display our patriotic love for America! American Flag USA Patriotic Glasses - Wear these to your next patriotic festive event or a simple BBQ on the 4th of July, perfect for any American! Make any event more colorful with these fun eye fashions. Decorate the star and make it a magnet - There is a star for each state in the USA on our flag. Color your star and write the name of your state on it! Grandma’s refrigerator can never have too many magnets! Red, White, and Blue: The Story of the American Flag - A great book to teach the history of our flag. From the early colonies to the moon, our flag flies proud! Jello Play Dough - We loved this recipe so much! It is a clean, non sticky play dough. It takes less that 10 minutes. It doesn’t run on your hands or counters. Lots of fun! Cupcake papers and flag toppers - We hope you take a day to fix cupcakes and decorate them red, white and blue! Grandma to Grandma - Stars and Stripes Folding Fans - these American flag paper fans add a patriotic touch to any celebration! Loads of funs!

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